Ivana Chubbuck is one of the most talented artist living today. She is one of the most sought after acting coaches in Hollywood, having taught Halle Berry, Charlize Theron, James Franco, Jake Gyllenhaal Eva Mendes, Terence Howard, and Beyonce Knowles among many others. Virtually every year Ivana’s students are well represented at the Academy Awards, Emmys, Golden Globes, Tonys, and many other international awards. Her book, The Power of the Actor, was on the Los Angeles Times bestseller list, and has been translated in different languages around the world.

  • "I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Anthony as the first point of call for anyone in the audition or rehearsal process.
    Not only is he intelligent, instinctive and incredibly generous in his coaching, his enthusiasm and passion for his craft and his depth of knowledge in the Chubbuck technique is invaluable. This is a particularly special kind of training and I consider it a privilege for him to have brought his experience with Ivana to London to share with us."
    Rebecca Hazelwood.
    ER, Lost
  • "As a actor I have struggled with doubt about my acting capabilities having sabotaged my acting career numerous times. Anthony was that teacher who saw something in me and pushed me to my limits. He did this with the ease and compassion, which sums up his life philosophy of giving, nurturing and transforming his students at a deep level. I have not only grown as an actor but also as person. As a result I just finished shooting my first feature film in Athens. Thank you."
    Dimitri Raft
  • "The experience with Anthony is hands down the best private coaching I've had prior to an audition. He is generous, intuitive and inspiring, and I felt instantly at ease and vastly better prepared. The audition is an altogether different experience when you're that specific about your choices – I cannot recommend him highly enough, he is extraordinary!"
    Daphne Alexander.
    The Ghost, Roman Polanski
  • "I'm a big fan of the technique, and have taken the book under my arm like a bible, everywhere!

    Anthony's passion in the workshops and in private coaching brings the best out of you. He makes you see the beauty that is to work organically and truthfully. Its such a joy to be coached by him and I can’t wait to hear the word action!"
    Christianne Gadd.
    Moses Jones, Eastenders
  • "Thank you so much. I learnt much from you. I am now very excited again because of you. You have studied Ivana’s technique superbly and know the craft. You have so much to offer. You have clarified a lot to me and simplified it."
    Christopher Panayi
  • "In a short time Anthony has taught me how to take my work to a whole other level! He's dedicated to seeing you become empowered, take charge of your craft and deliver undeniably potent work. He gives not only his knowledge of the technique but also his experiences with it, which enables you to shorten your learning curve. He teaches how to bring the defining experiences of your own life to your roles; to make your performances more powerful than any idea of a character could ever be!"
    Renee Castle. Jesus Christ Superstar, Kojak
  • "I have searched a long time for a technique that would fullfil my needs as an actor and now I have found it with the Chubbuck technique.

    Step by step Anthony took me through the technique and with every step I felt and saw the difference. His knowledge and professionalism opens the mind to ways that allows the actor to reach great depths. If you dare to try I cannot recommend enough the Chubbuck technique and Anthony as your guide."
    Alton Milne
  • "Anthony's training marked a turning point in my work. He introduced me to the Chubbuck technique and I have a lot to thank him for. He creates a safe space, is clear in his coaching, and is inspiring - an absolute joy to work with!"
    Charlotte Gascoyne
  • "In workshops, Anthony is exceptionally compassionate to each individual performer, and gives insightful advice to each with a wider view upon the entire scene.

    This is such a refreshing technique that I cannot recommend it highly enough. Thank you for bringing my performance to what is really needed."
    Kate Walsh
Anthony Green

I am an actor and accredited Chubbuck Technique teacher.

If you are an actor and want to improve your performance on an audition or on a job, then please email me.


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Private Coaching

Workshops are based on Ivana's teachings in the on-going Master Class in Los Angeles and on the book.

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